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Women's Care

Our Women's Care Follows Your Changes

Dominican's Women's Care adjusts to support a woman during the changes and stages of life.

Through every phase and any need, the gynecology department of our medical staff is highly trained in medical and surgical interventions, and offers minimally invasive and leading-edge surgical procedures.

Our obstetricians and family practitioners who deliver babies join us in a commitment to your birthing plan and the safety of you and your newborn. Your baby will be delivered in the Family Birthing Center. We try to let nature take its course, but if a cesarean section is required (or ordered), a special surgical suite adjoins the birthing center. Our Level 3 Newborn Intensive Care Unit is always there if needed.

Dominican urologists specialize in meeting the medical and surgical urological needs of women, using the latest interventions and techniques.

When Weight Is The Issue

Dominican's Center for Lifestyle Management offers women medically based lifestyle programs that they can join anytime.

One of the newer additions is Life Steps, a way to sustainable weight management. Life Steps is a unique, individually tailored program that has been created to offer you a realistic, gradual, and healthy approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

You receive weight management education, nutrition planning, health assessments, supervised exercise training, and on-going lifestyle coaching from our health professional team. Call (831) 457-7077.

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