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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management Program
The Diabetes Management Program provides information and support to help create a personal, successful  path to diabetes control. The program includes education classes and individual appointments provided by our team of health care professionals including certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and registered dietitians.

The Diabetes Management Program includes a series of five core educational classes. For detailed descriptions, click here .

Additional Diabetes Management Classes
Pre-Diabetes: What Do You Need to Know? (1 class)
The Diabetes Management team leads an informative presentation about the diagnosis, progression and treatment of pre-diabetes. A certified diabetes educator will be available to answer questions.

Blood Sugar Monitoring: Why, When and How (1 class)
Learn how to monitor and track your blood sugar. Participants will learn how stress, food, exercise and medications can affect blood sugar levels. Optimal blood sugar ranges will be reviewed and how to respond to low or high results will be covered.

Diabetes Menu Planning: What Do I Eat? (1 class)
Learn the tools you need to plan meals to successfully manage your blood sugar. This class will include carbohydrate counting and how to plan well-balanced meals.

For more information, or to sign up, call (831) 457-7077.

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