Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Risk Reduction Program

Lowering risk factors such as high cholesterol, weight, high blood pressure and stress has been shown to significantly reduce future cardiac problems. Designed for individuals who have had angina, heart attack, cardiac procedure (angioplasty, atherectomy, stent), open heart surgery or congestive heart failure. This nationally certified program includes cardiac education classes, nutrition assessment, risk factor counseling, lifestyle coaching and monitored exercise therapy.

Assessment and Treatment Plan

An assessment by one of the Cardiac Risk Reduction clinical therapists will provide the basis for an individualized treatment plan that will take into account medical history, status of heart disease, risk factors and personal goals.

The treatment plan will include the following services:

Education Classes

  • Optimal Exercise for Your Heart
  • Medications and Your Heart
  • Understanding Heart Disease and Procedures
  • Stress Management and Your Heart
  • Lowering Heart Disease Risk
  • Healthy Eating for Your Heart
  • Emotions and Your Heart
  • Making Successful Lifestyle Changes
  • Relaxation Techniques

Individual Consultations

  • Nutrition
  • Risk Factor Reduction
  • Behavior Modification

Exercise Training

  • EKG-monitored (heart rate and rhythm)
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Symptom recognition and management
  • Guidelines on resuming activites and sports
  • Cardiovascular strength and flexibility instruction
  • Personal exercise prescription including training intensity, time, type and frequency
  • Guidelines for a home exercise plan

For more information, or to sign up, call (831) 457-7077.

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