Neurological Therapy Services

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Neurological Therapy Services

Dominican Health and Rehabilitation Services provides comprehensive rehabilitation for individuals with all types of neurological disorders, from victims of trauma to disease. Our primary goal is to ensure that the patient is the primary member of a multi-disciplinary team, including the physician, nursing staff, case management, and occupational, physical and speech therapists. We provide excellent care throughout the course of rehabilitation, from the inpatient hospital through the rehabilitation units, and to our specialized outpatient programs. We also offer several community classes designed to ensure that our patients stay healthy and strong, and to help prevent future problems.

More than just speech

Speech Therapists at Dominican Rehabilitation Services do far more than what many individuals may consider the profession's main function: correcting articulation in children.

Therapists are specialized in treating individuals who have had strokes, brain injuries or other neurological conditions; head and neck cancer; voice dysfunction; and/or difficulty with swallowing. They provide services in stuttering, voice distorders, tracheotomy care and help those who have suffered permanent loss of voice due to laryngectomy.

Patients with Parkinson's disease will work with speech therapists who specialize in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program, targeting vocal loudness. Voice therapy is also provided in Spanish and American Sign Language. The speech therapy programs include: dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) training, modified barium swallow studies, speech-language therapy, cognitive-linguistic therapy (attention, processing, memory), Lee Silverman Voice Therapy Program, voice training; and laryngectomy services.


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