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Rehabilitation Advisory Council

Rehabilitation Patient/Family/Care Partner Advisory Council (PFAC)

Our mission is to establish a partnership between practitioners, patients and families/care partners ensuring collaboration so health care decisions respect and reflect patients, and families/care partners wants, current and future needs, and preferences.

This includes:

  • Providing user friendly and timely education and support so patients/families/care partners can make decisions and participate in their own care and may include issues related to quality, safety or other programs, policies, procedures or concerns. Incorporate multiple approaches to accommodate different styles of learning.
  • Speaking as a voice for acute rehabilitation patients in the decisions that affect how they receive care.
  • Providing resources for patients and their families during the rehab stay and after discharge.
  • Helping the staff understand what it is like to be a patient in the rehabilitation process.
  • Aligning medical center policies and procedures to incorporate patient and family centered care principles.
  • Providing a forum that enables patients and family members to have direct input into the development of policies, programs and practices at NHMC.
  • Allowing communication of concerns and discussion of solutions
  • Evaluating and streamlining current processes in order to continue to promote high patient satisfaction.


The PFAC will include a total of 10-15 members comprised of former patients and/or family members/care partners, and members of Dominican Hospital Rehabilitation staff. Members must have personal experience or interest in rehabilitation. Group meets every other month to work on projects and discuss issues/needs to improve our program and better serve our community.

We encourage members to bring a varied perspective and new ideas to our group. To learn more about our council, contact us at 831-462-7301.

Some of the things we will talk about include:

  • Why do you have an interest in rehabilitation?
  • What was your experience in rehabilitation?
  • What skills can you bring to our team?
  • Do you have other volunteer experience?

Some skills that we are looking for in our new members:

  • Communications/Marketing
  • Computer technology
  • Proofreading and ability to give feedback on new forms and education materials
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of community resources and outpatient options
  • Knowledge of caregiver skills
  • Ability to give feedback on new designs

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Established council in August 2010
  • Construction and Opening of a State of the Art Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Center in April 2013.
  • Streamlined the patient orientation binder.
  • Improved the acute rehabilitation program brochure.



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