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Dominican Home Health: Quality care at home

Dominican Home Health believes that home is where you want to be, and we endorse the view patients often do better in familiar surroundings. Our home health program offers quality care and independence by bringing caregivers to you, instead of bringing you to the hospital.

The nurturing environment of home, coupled with the expert care by a professional staff, can make a big difference in how any patient feels and recovers.

Dominican Home Health, a licensed and accredited home health agency, is part of Dominican Hospital's continuum of care. When you select Dominican Home Health for your home care needs, you're also choosing a health care system long recognized for its commitment to quality care.

Home care is delivered in a series of planned visits by specially trained nurses, therapists, home health aides, social workers and other health care professionals. Home care is always directed by your personal physician.

Dominican Home Health meets state and federal licensing and certification requirements for Medicare, MediCal and private insurance programs.

For more information, call 831 465 7988.

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