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Surgical Services

On the Cutting Edge in Surgeries

What happens in today's operating room is amazing, and better for the patient. Until recently, many surgery patients had to endure large incisions and a relatively long hospital stay and protracted recovery.

Today, surgeons on Dominican's Medical Staff use new techniques, equipment and devices to reduce the size of the incisions, decrease recovery time -- and in some cases lessen the procedure time -- of many types of operations.

Surgeons in every specialty operate in Dominican Hospital's surgical suites, or when appropriate, in our nearby Surgery Center.

A Suite for Renewed Health

Dominican has six, fully equipped, full-time surgical suites, and another with additional specialized support equipment reserved for cardiac surgery. Emergency surgery is available at Dominican 24 hours a day.

For more information about expert surgeons on Dominican's Medical Staff, visit the "Find a Doctor" portion of our Web site.




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